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Terms & Conditions


Dear Traveller

As we all know we are in the global Pandemic situation this is very hard and difficult time what we all are going through now, all of us are in a very worried and difficult situation from each and every Social Media service which is linked to friends’ family. Every minute and so there is one message blips on the mobile screen and our intention or the plans are being diverted accordingly from every last message. We all must and must have 100% faith on our Lord ''Allah Subhana Hutahla'' and his Mercy of all kind.

As from our government it has announced that we must stay at home by avoiding unnecessary outdoor visit for some time until the further notice. But we are allowed to fetch our need from everywhere. This will lead to some weeks as we have seen the most effective and the first effected country was china who is releasing the report from the 13th March 2020 till now they do not have any new cases of CORONA VIRUS which is over now. So the UK will be over as well very soon we hope.

Saudi Arabia has taken advance precaution only and only to accommodate the big gathering of Hajj 2020 this year otherwise they would not bothered to do anything like this. Yet till now from the Ministry of Hajj and UK Holiday making authority has not yet advised any people not make their holiday booking for any destination so far.

You must understand that on behalf of your Hajj booking for the Hajj 2020 with Holy Makkah Tours Ltd and we have not stopped doing any Hajj processing and purchasing all services on ward to all related services within the UK and Saudi Arabia, we have already paid up to 80% fund to several services and every authorities have accepted payments on behalf of Hajj 2020. We have not been instructed to STOP processing the Hajj 2020.

This is what every Hajj agency in UK has so far done. Because we all will be doing the same if there are any cancellation advised from UK or Saudi Hajj Ministry for Hajj 2020 this year. All Hajj Agencies will be arranging the refund process at the same way to put our customer on the safe side not lose their money in a very fair manner.


1.We will reserve your Hajj money in place for the next Hajj year.

2.You can exchange your Hajj money with other trips such as Umrah or Flight to back home.

3.We will refund your fund after a small deduction of an honest admin charge, a charge of 2% will be deducted from the amount you have paid and this for all admin charges.

Beyond that if anyone of our valuable customer wants to cancel their Hajj 2020 trip from their own satisfactory intention without UK and Saudi Arabia Hajj Advise. We advise the procedure as follow, please send us an email to info@holymakkah.co.uk by explaining the full reason of your cancellation we acknowledge your request and the refund policy according Insha Allah.

You must understand we have always wanted to serve you from the best of our ability from the heart to have a satisfied journey of your lifetime THE HAJJ we are in support of your plan not against of any in a very honest manner.

May Allah Keep All Human Protected From His Mercy ‘’Ameen’’.

Holy Makkah Tours Ltd would like to thank you for booking with us.

We Appreciate Your Understanding




Hajj and Umrah agreement between the customer and ‘’Holy Makkah Tours Ltd’’. The PILGRIM, who will be travelling to Hajj and Umrah. When we act as a principal, the relevant invoice will state, "Your ultimate contract is with Holy Makkah Tours Ltd." In that case, the following booking conditions will apply, as set out below in "your contract with us" and the following paragraphs.

For clarity the use of the word “Us”, “we”, “Holy Makkah Tours Ltd.” & “the Company”, will refer to Holy Makkah Tours Ltd and the term “you”, “yourself”, “the Client” or “the Pilgrim” will refer to the person signing this agreement. If you unclear of any part of this agreement you are advised to seek independent legal advice before signing this agreement.

The Hajj package which you have booked and paid for with Holy Makkah Tours Ltd is consists of your visa processing, accommodation, flights to and from Saudi Arabia and transport within Saudi Arabia, as well as such other services outlined in your booking form (“the Services”). The purpose of these Services is to allow you to complete the holy pilgrimage of Hajj in Saudi Arabia and all services have been set for the sole purpose of you completing your Hajj.

You understand and accept that a Hajj package is by no means a normal holiday/leisure package where you can have many exiting time and enjoyment can bring many joyful memories back home in pictures, where in the journey of Hajj you will be leaving everything on front of Allah by saying ‘’Labbaik Allah-Hummah Labbaik’’ and become a new born baby, you must prepare yourself to become empty from hand and soul in respect to all previous activities to return home. We strongly advise if this is a plan of your normal holiday or leisure package where you are looking forward spend some nice and relaxed time please make a booking to a normal holiday places to other destination in the world do not book this Hajj Package. You make your booking with us being completely aware of this.

The Agreement


An agreement between the Pilgrim and the Company will only be valid when the company acknowledges the Hajj and Umrah Booking form by means of a receipt, the agreed deposit amount has been paid, and all funds have been cleared. A Formal confirmation of Flight, hotel and departure time will be advised to the client 7 days before to the expected departure date as indicated on the receipt or booking form, and the Client has accepted these terms and conditions by signing the Hajj and Umrah Booking form. This Agreement or any contract between the client and the company will full under English law and Jurisdiction for the arrangement of the travel and accommodation. Issues within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will fall under the Saudi Law and Jurisdiction between the client and the service provider in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The agreement holds by Holy Makkah Tours Ltd acting under its own ATOL Number 11574 for your Hajj & Umrah Trip, so you can book with confidence. In case of any cancellation, we have the right to charge an admin fee to cover our expense for the arrangement of your booking.

If we have already transferred the amount to airline, visa source or hotels then their terms and conditions will also apply. In some cases, amounts can be non-refundable. Please always confirm the terms and conditions with Holy Makkah Tours Ltd before making any payment. For any enquiry, feel free to speak to our team via email info@holymakkah.co.uk or call us on 020 8555 8791.

Prices and payment


A full list of what is included in the price of offer will be found in the price list. We guarantee not to increase the basic price of your trip after your full payment. We reserve the right to change hotel prices until full payment or at any time before you book. However, any price changes after your full payment will not affect the price of your booking unless you request a change to the booking/accommodation/flight or other items of your package.

All flights booking for Hajj and Umrah require a non-refundable deposit and after the initial booking, the final payment to be made within 24 hours otherwise fare difference must be paid if the new fare/accommodation is higher than the original fare booked. Price is not guaranteed, until tickets are issued, flights can change to other scheduled flight or extra flights (Charter) especially for Hajj. All credit card and debit card processing fees 3.5% apply. If for any reason once the MOFA fee is paid to Ministry Of Foreign Affair for your Hajj or Umrah visa application for any reason from your personal date side the visa is not granted by the Saudi Embassy we are not be responsible for any costs and no refund will be offered.



If you or any other member of your party decides to cancel your confirmed booking you must notify us in writing. Your notice of cancellation will only take effect when it is received in writing by us at our offices and will be effective from the date on which we receive it. We will accept your cancellation via email. Since we incur costs in cancelling your arrangements, you will have to pay the applicable cancellation charges up to the maximum shown below (the cancellation charge detailed is calculated on the basis of the total cost payable by the person(s) cancelling excluding insurance premiums, non-refundable supplier charges notified to you prior to booking and amendment charges which are not refundable in the event of the person(s) to whom they apply cancelling):

Before issuance of Visa


a) More than days before the date of departure: 30% of the package price plus loss of deposit and any non-refundable supplier charges

b) Cancel 3 months before the date of departure 50% of the package price plus loss of deposits and any non-refundable supplier charges

c) Cancel 7 weeks before the date of departure 100% of the package cost and any non-refundable supplier charges

d) All refund will be paid in Cheque payment

Note: Certain arrangements may not be amended after they have been confirmed and any alteration or cancellation could incur a cancellation charge of up to 100% of that part of the arrangements in addition to the charge above. You will be advised of any non-refundable charges prior to booking.





The Umrah Terms & Condition applies 75% separate rules from Hajj booking. The ticket cancelation as per the airline surcharges of individual booking according to the booking class. During the time Umrah Booking we advise every customer to understand the airline seat reservation class, the price and its cancelation or any date changing policy. The seat cancelation or the package cancelation T&C apply. We provide a clear Umrah Terms and Condition on the written invoice policy, on the invoice it explains your money and future preparation at all circumstance of Cancelation, Refund & Changes of Date. We value your understanding to purchase the Umrah Services from Holy Makkah Tours Ltd.

The agreement holds by Holy Makkah Tours Ltd acting under its own ATOL Number 11574 for your Umrah Trip, so you can book with confidence. In case of any cancellation, we have the right to charge an admin fee to cover our expense for the arrangement of your booking.




Whilst reasonable care is taken to ensure that the information given to you is accurate, we cannot guarantee its true accuracy as the information may come from a third party and we reserve the right to change the information including these terms and conditions at any time without notice. You must check these terms and conditions for changes. The Company has taken all reasonable steps to ensure that all representatives, agents, travel partner, tour operator used are reputable. However, the company does not have direct control over such organisations and shall not be responsible for any services, acts or omissions by them or their employees. The Client accepts that the booking is subject to the terms and conditions of such firms companies or persons and shall provide services to the Company and the Client.

If cancellation or change by the Company is brought about by war, riots, civil commotion, strikes, disasters, terrorist act, events of nature, act of God, technical problems with transportation or other events outside the control of the Company, the Company shall not be held responsible in any way.

All personal baggage, including personal articles, medicines, mobiles phones and any other items the client has with them are at all times and under all circumstances at "owners risk".

No responsibility is accepted by the Company for the Client's failure to carry passports, visas or other documents required for the purpose of the journey.

As the number of passports handled by the Saudi Embassy; The Company cannot be held responsible for the loss of your passport or any related document(s) the Saudi embassy may lose, misplace or does not deliver to you before your travel.

You are at all-time responsible for your travel documents and refusal to travel due to paperwork not being present before your travel, you may be refused to board the plane or refused entry into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (“KSA”), you a personally liable for any repatriation charges or travel costs associated with any refusal to board or enter the country.

As is the nature of hajj and with the vast number of pilgrims, there is a higher probability of viruses and airborne deceases, it is therefore your personal responsibility of your well-being at all time, the company cannot be held responsible for any personal accidents, illness, and death during your travel and during the pilgrim, or any medical reason. We strongly advise you have suitable travel insurance cover for your journey and stay.

For Health & Safety in the KSA, local rules and compliance will supersede any standard represented or relied upon in the UK. The Company makes no representations or warranties of any kind with respect to flights for Hajj or Umrah packages including not enough time to perform 40 Salah in Madinah. All hotels star rating is according to Saudi Arabian standard and some hotels rooms may have changed from 3/5 to 5/7 peoples by the Hotel provider from Makkah or Medinah.



Hotels will be provided in accordance with the itinerary or similar hotels. Due to circumstances beyond our control we may also need to cancel or modify events that appear in the itinerary. There may be other circumstances in which hotel changes become advisable or necessary.

Therefore, we also reserve the right to substitute any of the hotels. During Hajj and Umrah journey, the unexpected is often the norm. Despite very careful planning and organisation, the hajj and Umrah journey can never be taken for granted like a normal holiday expected in the UK. The Pilgrim we wish it to be pleasant for a once in a lifetime experience, however the vast number of people from across the globe with a varied life style may have an impact on your pilgrim, unfortunately the company cannot be held responsible for this experience.

Rights of Refuse


We reserve the right to refuse your booking. If we do this, we will refund any money already paid to us. The provision of the service offered by the company is in good faith and best endeavours to meet your standard however, we, our agents, travel partner or their sub agents cannot be held responsible for any shortcomings outside the company’s control against your expectations of the pilgrimage. No express or implied, is made by us or by any person as to its accuracy, completeness or fairness and it should not be relied on as such.

In Saudi Arabia


Any opinions and estimates expressed reflect our judgment at this date and are subject to change without notice. IN the KSA the Saudi government has the sole responsibility for the movement of pilgrims between Jeddah, Makkah, Mina, Arafat, Muzdallifah, Madinah or any other point of pilgrim in the KSA (All your costs have been covered by the Hajj Draft).

Our Local Agent has no control what so ever over the transportation, this include and not limited to, timing, quality of the transport, duration of the journey, facilities on the transport. Our local agent will assist where possible but this element of the pilgrimage is out side of our control and cannot be held responsible in any shape or form.

The KSA has the sole responsibility of Tents in Mina &Arafat; our local agent will assist where possible; The Company cannot be held responsible for the quality or services at these points in the pilgrimage.

Hajj and Umrah Visa Application Documents In order to make your Hajj and Umrah application please ensures the following documents must be handed to Holy Makkah Tours Ltd;

a) 4 Colour Passport size photos with a white background ONLY

b) Proof of Meningitis (ACWY) vaccination

c) Passport valid for eight months (6 months absolute minimum)

d) Non-British Passport holder must have “INDEFINITE LEAVE TO REMAIN” permission to stay in UK, endorsed in your passport

Hajj and Umrah Visas are granted by the Saudi Government free of charge Holy Makkah Tours Ltd representative able to obtain Hajj and Umrah visas for all British, EU and other nationals who have any legal right of residency in the UK. The Saudi Embassy requires your passport for varying lengths of time in order to issue a visa. We can give accurate guidelines as to processing times and ensuring the fastest processing time with our reputable authorised licensed agent. If you have any questions at this juncture, we will gladly walk you through the process.

Must Remember


a) You must have a Hajj and Umrah Visa.

b) If anyone has a non-Muslim name, he or she should submit a certificate from a mosque or an Islamic centre confirming that the applicant is a Muslim with the Visa Application.

c) Four recent passport size colour photograph on a white background, any other colour background will be rejected and your application will be delayed.

d) Passports should be valid for at least 6 months from the date of submission of the application form. Ideally, your passport should have eight months validity.

e) Women and children should be accompanied by husband/father or a male relative (Mahram). Proof of relationship is required (copy of a marriage certificate for a wife, a birth certificate for a child indicating the names of both parents). The Mahram must travel into and out of Saudi Arabia on the same flight as his wife and children.

f) If a woman is 45 years old or older, she is allowed to go without a Mahram with an organized group or family and submits a notarized No Objection Certificate from her Mahram.

g) If the applicant is not a national of the country he/she is applying from, a valid residency permit must be submitted with the application.

h) A vaccination certificate against Meningococcal Meningitis should be attached. The certificate of vaccinations should have been issued not more than three years and not less than 10 days prior to entry to Saudi Arabia and it should be valid for three years. The vaccination certificate must be with the applicant on entry to Saudi Arabia.

i) Hajj Visa is valid for 30 days only Flight Delays or Cancelation or Cessation of Aircraft operator/airline We are unable to accept liability for any flight delays (for any reason Weather, industrial action or any other reason) or cancellation of the flight to or from Saudi Arabia if the operator fails or is unable to fill their obligation of their part of the contract. We will assist the operator in finding alternative aircraft, but this will be on best endeavours. It is essential that you have sufficient travel insurance to cover this remote eventuality.

Local Customer


You must behave at all times in line with local customs and abide by the laws of the host country. You are responsible for your actions; we will not be able to assist you if you knowingly or not knowingly violate local custom. Your only support will come from the British Embassy or your travel insurance provider.

All Complains


For any reason should you be dissatisfied with the services that you have received from Holy Makkah Tours Ltd. It is strongly advised, your complains must notify us in writing within 14 days of the event or 7 days after returning from your pilgrimage for us to deal your concerns, any communications outside this time line may make any redress difficult. To assist with any dispute, telephone conversation from booking to completion of your travels and any general discussions of your travel and for security reasons for both parties’ telephone conversations may be recorded.

Please forward any comments to the address or Email below.

We Count Your Consent


We have happily taken your booking on behalf of your clear understanding and from your confirmation to our tailored package for Hajj within the daily schedule from the departure port of the United Kingdom to Saudi Arabia and return back to the departed port.

This confirms us to the understanding on every states of your stay within the journey of this holy trip ‘’ The HAJJ’’ from the inclusive services such as Hotel, Visa, Draft, Flight, Transport, Daily Stay, Food, Ziarath, Mina, Arafa, Muzdalifa the open sky, Daily Islamic Speech and the Help & Guide system, etc.

Therefore neither party ‘’You’’ or ‘‘Holy Makkah Tours Ltd’’ do not come into a dispute movement within or after this journey.

We will provide you a our daily service schedule of this Hajj trip day by day to the last day of journey until the date of return flight to UK with your invoice and your travelling documents.


As a human WE or YOU may have said less/more or heard less/more but the written paper would help YOU and US on every situation for the sake of honesty.

We pray that may Allah let us complete this journey in an honest manner Insha Allah.

Rules of Complains and Acceptances


Strictly no complain will be dealt over the phone on any circumstances, your complain will be dealt most superior way by the management team and the company board of directors which will be in a manner of a true judgement respect to the company reputation. There will not be consideration of any unusual activities (violence) and miss behaviour from the customer. Yours complain will only be dealt if you are within the terms and condition of Holy Makkah Tours Ltd contract. The company may take further Court action against you if the statements are not true with full evidence, which is false allegation and wasting of the valuable time of Holy Makkah Tours Ltd.



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