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About Us

About Us

The company was founded by Mohammed Suba and Matab Hussain both from London and officially started pilgrim services in the year 2003. The decision of doing this holy service thought to be done by Mohammed Suba when he took his mother to Hajj in the year 2002, him and his mother was very well looked after by a gentleman call Hafiz Shahnoor who use to live in Makkah to meet and assist the pilgrims who goes for Hajj or Umrah from all over the world, by looking into all these activity and the guided advise from Hafiz Shahnoor a persuasion came to Mohammed Suba’s mind and thought of this service which can be done for the sake of Allah and an opportunity of a regular visit to Allah’s house concluding of a full time job within the company.

So Mohammed Suba and Matab Hussain meet together and decided for this company in year 2003 and started serving Hajj and Umrah services to the UKs Muslim community. The very first year the company served around 40 Umrah services and took 70 people for Hajj in the year 2004. The company carried on providing the same services to local Muslim community.

Arranging the Hajj services was fairly easy and cheap for UK Muslim community during those years until 2005. The first ever Hajj Package price was launched by this company under Mohammed Suba’s administration was £875 and this was a complete package price inclusive of everything to complete the Hajj for one person.

The company has faced many financial struggles from its customer towards this company because the company trusted every nice talking customer and some customer became to be the non committing to the Hajj packages and the booking they made with this company and the company spent money on their behalf because the experiences was very small within this trade by Mohammed Suba or me during the first period and the early age of this company.

After experiencing many difficulties and struggles from previous years like this, the company has decided to design the Hajj contract with an agreement for all pilgrims to Hajj who makes the Hajj booking with this company. Holy Makkah Tours Ltd was the first ever company who has handed the Hajj agreement to their customers in 2005. Since then company found a compatible solution for a fare trading within the Hajj & Umrah best services.

Holy Makkah Tours Ltd is the first ever company who accommodate the pilgrims in Mina during the journey of Hajj with a special Muallim service by providing mattresses to sleep and fold this into a sofa while not sleeping from to look back in history from decade.

Holy Makkah Tours Ltd is an UK registered company located in heart of London, a fully bonded travel agent serving your trip with an ATOL protection since beginning. The company has always traded abide by the rules of UK trading include of Islamic punctualities with the Hajj and Umrah services.

The company Holy Makkah Tours Ltd presently stands in UK high street with a licence of 300 Hajjis under its own name in support of an IATA Accredited bond and the ATOL protection to make your booking with confidence and a pleasant trip of your plan.

A change found in 2017 within the company of Holy Makkah Tours Ltd, my name is Matab Hussain and I am the present company Director of Holy Makkah Tours Ltd signed in July 2017.



I have spent over 15 years with one of the UK’s leading Hajj & Umrah Organisation with an active honest manner where I have been serving the best possible services from the best of my ability to the guest of Allah ‘’The HAJI’’.

My experiences relates to the activities of my life within the Hajj and Umrah trade I have not missed shooting any story with my eyes whether this was within Holy Makkah Tours Ltd or from the part of my Hajj business colleague’s establishment. I have seen many scammer and looser within this UK Hajj and Umrah trade. I have seen the struggle and cope within these Hajj and Umrah trading agencies and its customers. I have seen fraudulent and honesty within Hajj and Umrah trade, I will take booking for a discussion about Hajj and Umrah via email at 24/7 please do not hesitate to drop your request to info@holymakkah.co.uk.



We provide Hajj packages with full inclusive services to all Muslim ethnicity in United Kingdom. Our package include of Hajj visa, Hajj draft, Flight with the return from Medinah, Accommodation in Makkah and Medinah with full board in both places, special Moallim services in Mina and Arafa, VIP coaches on journey to Medinah, regular Islamic talks about history and schedules by experience and knowledgeable scholars and many extras. We provide you the ATOL protected services which you can book with confidence.



• Hajj Trip | Hajj Package with all inclusive
• Budget Hajj & Umrah Service which suits your financial stability comparing UK market
• Bespoke Hajj & Umrah Packages
• Standard Non Shifting Hajj Packages
• Full Islamic guide by professional scholars from UK
• Instalment Plan for Hajj & Umrah Packages
• Hajj & Umrah & Other Visa Services on request
• Hajj & Umrah Flights tickets includes of return from Medinah to London
• Holiday Package to Dubai and your choose able Destination
• Flights to all Destinations
• Many Other Services Within The Travelling Field
• Book a basic home Hajj Talim with our scholars
• At your service, our scholars can visit your house for further training on Hajj journey which will make you comfortable and well prepared for the coming Hajj if you have planned for Insha Allah.



An advice, I would like to share with you to understand that there must be an advisory service needed on Hajj and Umrah Booking from a licence regulated body, some who have been in this trade for some time on UK High Street or an UK based Islamic Scholar from your local Mosque, please seek advice from your elderly relative who has previously used this before. Look for ‘’LHO’’ this is one of the UK’s honest record supplier of all Hajj agency in United Kingdom. Seek Hajj and Umrah booking help from this organisation www.licensedhajjorganisers.com.

We would like to thank all our customers for choosing Holy Makkah Tours Ltd. for Hajj and Umrah services. We know from experience that finding the perfect Hajj or Umrah package, at an affordable price can be hard work. We promise to help you find a package tailored to your individual needs.



1. Holy Makkah Tours is the UK’s recognised Hajj and Umrah service provider, our track record speaks for itself, thousands of pilgrims benefit from our services. We are here to help you as much as possible, so that we may get rewards from Allah (SWT).
2. You can have confidence and peace of mind to make the booking with us; we believe that the best of our happy and satisfied customers are within the Hajj and Umrah pilgrims.
3. Highest standards of professionalism, integrity and services we will continue to provide you with a valuable savings on the selected Hajj or umrah package. We take care of all your Hajj and Umrah needs. It is as simple as that ask us what you need then leave it to us to concentrate on performing your Hajj and Umrah service.
4. Helpline 24-hours a day during the Hajj journey, we are one of the Hajj and Umrah tour operator providing helpline services 24 hours, 7 days a week. We value our pilgrims, recognising the importance of getting to know you and your needs better.
5. We guarantee you the best price for hajj and umrah package. We negotiate you in a special deal with our Hajj and Umrah service. We will provide you the true cost of Hajj and Umrah and our commitment is to pass this saving on to you.
6. We are working to serve you better we take your feedback very seriously and it is important to us, as we strive to improve our services and we would like your Hajj and Umrah experience to be a memorable one with us.
7. Our whole business is customer focused providing value for money and affordable. We offer the highest standards of professionalism, integrity and personal service. Our services are provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via efficient English, Arabic, Urdu and Bengali speaking staff.

Once again, by saying thanking to all our customers for choosing Holy Makkah Tours and we look forward to serving you. If you have booked your trip elsewhere then we pray that you have a pleasant journey and Allah accepts your Hajj and Umrah according to the way of the Prophet (SAW). If you need any help in Makkah Al-Mukarrama and in Madinah Al-Munawarah, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will do everything we can to help you; we are here to help and support the guest of Allah. ''You are very special guest of Allah'' please pray for our managements and families.